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Logotip: Inštitut za hmeljarstvo in pivovarstvo Slovenije

Spatial analysis (GIS)

Spatial analysis, using different approaches, enable aquiring new information, which are crucial in making various risk assesment plans, measures, implementation of administrative procedures and the provisions of the regulations.

We are an expert team inside the public institute SIHBR located in Žalec with many years of experience on using of geographic information system technology (GIS) in the field of agriculture, environment (soil, water, air) and nature.

Using QGIS in ArcView software we carry out:

  1. Preparation and processing of spatial data and records and the preparation of data and reports for licensing and open source formats (MS Office, LibreOffice, registers, …).
  2. Preparation of analysis and map backdrops for agricultural expert opinion in the implementation of land consolidation and land reclamation procedures on agricultural land and the land rating.
  3. Making simple charts or. Maps, risk maps for the phenomena in the environment.

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