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Use of hops for other purposes

Most of the harvested hops is used in brewing. Hop typically contains a lot of bitter substances, resins and essential oils, which also have antioxidant and antimicrobial effects.

In addition to its traditional use in the brewing industry, it has recently become widely used in cooking. Early spring shoots are added to salads. Dried, ripe hop cones have typical therapeutic effects, which can be used in tea preparations or extracts for different purposes. Hop cleans the blood. This means that it accelerates the process of digestion and excretion. It increases the formation of urine and acts as a sedative. It reduces anxiety and tension. It lowers the heart rate and reduces the symptoms of depression. It acts on sex hormones and the menstrual cycle. It is a mild disinfectant. Hops stuffed pillows and baths are in use as sedatives and sleeping aids. There are various pharmaceutical preparations of hops (tablets, tinctures etc.) already available on the market. Its other known effects are relieving cramps and preventing the onset and development of osteoporosis. Data from various surveys also show its potential use for the treatment of cancer.

Because of its potent antimicrobial action, it could potentially be used in animal nutrition, in which its addition to feed could potentially substitute for standardly used antibiotic additives.


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