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Technology of plant production

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At IHPS, the development of cultivation technologies has a focus on hop, however, within the framework of target research projects (CRPs) and other projects and market trials, we have also worked on improving the cultivation technology of other agricultural crops.

The target research project “Industrial Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Cultivation in Slovenia“, led by IHPS, involved a comprehensive study on the possibilities of successful cultivation of industrial hemp in our growing conditions. The objectives were: to create a list of suitable varieties for cultivation in our growing conditions for seed production, to create a list of suitable varieties for cultivation in our growing conditions for fiber production, to develop technological guidelines for industrial hemp cultivation in our growing conditions (sowing time, sowing density, and fertilization), to establish the cultivation of our own industrial hemp varieties, to evaluate the economics of cultivation, to improve a prototype machine for hemp harvesting and to transfer acquired knowledge into practice. We also worked on hemp as partners in two other projects: “Use of Hemp for Soil Remediation (phytoremediation)” and “Optimization of Technology for Cultivation of Common Hemp for Flower Production on Slovenian Farms“. In addition, the study of hemp is also being conducted at IHPS as part of doctoral research on the topic “Determination of Chemical Composition and Genetic Variability in Selected Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Phenotypes“.

As a leading partner, we focused on improving the production technology of flax and camelina within the target research project “Inclusion of alternative oils with high content of multiple unsaturated fatty acids in the field-crop-rotation, functional use of seeds, oils and secondary products in Slovenia“.  We conducted research on maize and hops production technology on light soils under the target research project “Adjusting strategy to climatic changes in hops and corn on the texture of light soil“. Within the target research project “Production of raw materials and production of biodiesel and biolubricants for the needs of the Slovenian market”, we worked on nine field crops and compared their oils to find their potential for use in biodiesel and biolubricants industry.

As a partner in the EIP project “Grain legumes-processing, processing and use” we focused on grain legume production – IHPS responsibilities included enhancing the production of high beans cultivation in the field with hops trellis (in the time between two hop plantations). Introduction of alternative crops, such as hemp, linseed, herbs and similar, and increasing of small farms competitiveness on the market was going on in the frame of project “Enhancing the competitiveness of small-scale farming operations“.

The results of our research have been published in various formats, including scientific journals, professional publications, and popular articles, as well as being shared through radio stations and public media.

Our team conducts also comprehensive experiments for market to investigate the integration of various preparations, including fertilizers, soil improvers and plant stimulants, to enhance crop production for clients across a range of crops, including hops, oil pumpkins, oilseed, corn, wheat, herbs, and industrial hemp.



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