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Gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants


Gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants at the Institute for Hop Research and Brewing Slovenian is a part of Slovenian Plant gene Bank. It is a collection of different accessions of medicinal and aromatic plants harvested in Slovenia. The collection is situated in the Medicinal and aromatic plants garden at IHPS, which was established in 1976. With the harvesting of seeds and plants and transmission plants in ex situ conditions, we study and preserve endangered or potentially endangered plant species, which is very important for the conservation and biodiversity because despite the increasing harvesting and afforestation latter shrinking. Part of accessions maintained in vitro.

Currently considered gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants in IHPS:

  • 84 accessions belonging to 46 species;
  • 34 accessions is plantedex situ in the Medicinal and aromatic plants garden at IHPS;
  • other accesion we propagate. They are maintained in the form of seeds or in pots in the greenhouse ;
  • we maintained in vitro 5 accessions: Arnica montana, Lippia citriodora Kunth; Artemisia dracunculus L.; Hypericum perforatum L.; Gentiana luthea L.;

Basic passport data are entered for all accessions (84) in the database Slovenian Plant Gene Bank (SRGB). Multicrop descriptors are entered for the 25 accessions. After obtain each accession:

  • is described morphologically: growth and development, susceptibility to diseases and pests,
  • we multiply them,
  • we plant them in conditions ex situ – a garden where you in the next few years we observe,
  • perform specific chemical analysis (10 accessions were conducted l. 2009).

Gene bank of medicinal and aromatic plants with their width also provides professional support in the introduction of cultivation of medicinal plants as alternative crops. It gives the opportunity to study and reproduction of autochtoneseeds and propagating material adapted to our environment. Gene bank provides material for the re-introduction of plants in a natural habitat and represents the database for selection and breeding, and for cultivation in larger areas.

For more information, please contact Head of gene banks: Mag. Natasa Ferant.


Srčna moč (Potentilla erecta L.) nahajališče Paški Kozjak razmnožena in pripravljena za sajenje v Vrt zdravilnih in aromatičnih rastlin.


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