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V4-1611 Cultivation of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) in Slovenia


The proposed project includes a comprehensive study of the possibilities of successful production of industrial hemp in Slovene growing conditions – we want to find suitable varieties for production in Slovenia for the purpose of seed and for the purpose of fibre production.  At the same time, we want to define the agrotechnical arrangements for this crop with the goal of stable production of a quality and secure yield. The goal is also to prepare a basis for production of our own hemp varieties. Following this, we expect a positive impact on the quantity of home-produced products from hemp seed and stalks in our market. Identified agronomic and economic parameters will provide growers with the possibility of a sovereign decision about production.

  • to create a list of suitable varieties for cultivation of hemp in Slovene growing conditions for seed production (in terms of achieving adequate/good and stable crop yield with good/adequate nutritional quality, not too strong/tough stems and sufficiently low in Δ9-tetrahidrokanabinol (THC),
  • to create a list of suitable varieties for cultivation of hemp in Slovene growing conditions for fiber production,
  • prepare technological guidelines for the cultivation of industrial hemp in Slovene growing conditions for the three most widespread varieties now in Slovenia (sowing time, sowing density and fertilization),
  • to create a basis for our own varieties production,
  • economic evaluation of the production of industrial hemp,
  • to create a concept for a machine for harvesting hemp seeds,
  • in cooperation with growers, to create or refine a prototype machine for harvesting hemp and perform its testing, to transfer knowledge into practice.

Partners in the project have many references in this field; their collaboration in the national and international level is high.

The leading partner is:

Partners involved are:

  • Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana University – Department of Agronomy and Department of Food Technology,
  • Institute of Nutrition and
  • Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Maribor University.
  • Direct involvement of users in the project is planned; the cooperative and social enterprise Ekoci Coop will collaborate.

The project is designed in eight work packages:

A Examination of the adequacy of varieties of industrial hemp from the European list of varieties for cultivation in Slovene agricultural areas, and examine the existing technology of production of this crop in Slovenia and around the world,

B Variety and technological experiments with industrial hemp,

C Chemical analyses of soil, seeds and oils,

D Evaluation of the nutritional value of seed oil produced in the experiments and of hemp,

E Analysis of hemp fibre with the aim of selecting the most suitable varieties for the production of fibres,

F Creating the basis for our own varieties production,

G Economic evaluation of the production of industrial hemp H A machine for harvesting hemp.

The basis of the project are varietal and technological field trials with different varieties of industrial hemp from the EU list in two different regions of Slovenia. Crop seeds from field trials in the continuation of the project will serve as raw material for chemical analysis, analysis of the nutritional value and fiber analysis. At the same time, we will consider the existing research results at home and abroad, and the experience of growers. Production will be economically evaluated; on the basis of data from practice and the results of field trials. A prototype of a machine for harvesting hemp seeds will be elaborated.

The project includes various ways of transferring knowledge and new findings from all the project partners into practice in a manner that will continue beyond the end of the project.

The financers of the project are the Slovenian Research Agency and the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food RS.

1st October 2016 to 30th September 2019

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Vzorčenje stebel industrijske konoplje po sortah za namen analiz vlaken v letu 2016 na Polzeli
Ocenjevanje vzorcev stebel različnih sort industrijske konoplje
Sortni poskus s konopljo, zavarovan z mrežo proti ptičem, na laboratorijskem polju Biotehniške fakultete (UL) v Ljubljani v letu 2016


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