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Food Analysis

Based on the decision of the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food IHPS is empowered to:

  • Conformity assessment of beer (decision no. 324-57/2004/2, to be published in the Official Gazette of RS, no. 51/04) and
  • Conformity assessment of salt, mustard, spices, soups, sauces, prepared salads, protein products, yeast and similar products (decision no. 324-58/2004/3, published in the Official Gazette of RS, no. 51/04).

In addition to the analysis set out in the regulations on the quality of foodstuffs we are also carried out determination of additives in foods such as antioxidants, preservatives, colorings and flavorings.

A special section presents the work on determining food authenticity in terms of geographical origin, year of production and the botanical purity of edible oils, fruit juices, hops, honey. This work is based on analysis of natural dyes, the composition of the volatile part of the aroma, fatty acid and tocopherol or sterol composition and content of other biomarkers.

We have developed an analytical methodology for the determination of certain harmful substances in food, such as the presence of PAHs in pumpkin seed oil.

We are qualified to determine the amount of fat in oilseeds, the determination of their fatty acid composition and content of tocopherols and sterols.

For additional information regarding analytics food we are available on phonel. +386 3 71 21 608 or by e-mail:

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