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Plant protection against harmful organisms (diseases, pests, weeds) is our main focus within the framework of agricultural research and expert and educational activities.

This area has become a growing challenge we are trying to follow, mostly due to climate change, the need to ensure food safety and environmental protection. Guidelines for plant protection in accordance with an IPM approach are provided to growers and other interested users.

The main tasks carried out in our department are:

  1. Observation and forecasting of harmful organisms:
    • Monitoring the development of harmful organisms, their distribution and presence in hops, crop production, horticulture, orchards and vineyards in the area of Celje and the Koroška region.
    • Monitoring the development stages of agricultural plants in the area of Celje and the Koroška region.
    • Maintaining and monitoring the agrometeorological stations network in the area of Celje and the Koroška region and the use of models and modules for forecasting pests and diseases.
    • Preparation and dissemination of forecasting reports for hops, field crops, vegetables, fruit trees and vines.
    • Spatial data analysis, the occurrence and distribution of harmful organisms, risk factors using GIS technology and other modern information technologies.
  1. Surveys (phytopathological, entomological, weeds), determination of samples in the diagnostic laboratory and production of expert opinions, which are carried out within the framework of the public service for plant health at the request of growers in the Celje area and Koroška region.
  2. Advice, training and guidance to growers in using alternative and optimal modes of plant protection against harmful organisms.
  3. Preparation of the List of plant protection products (PPP) allowed for use in hops and preparation of expert opinions for extension of the use of PPP in hops.
  4. Education and training programs for pesticide use according to the Plant Protection Products Act.
  5. Biological trials of plant protection products on the basis of an international Certificate of GEP (Good Experimental Practice).


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