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Logotip: Inštitut za hmeljarstvo in pivovarstvo Slovenije


The priority task of the Official certification and assessment is an independent professional task within the Institute, in accordance with legislation adopted in Slovenia and the European Union. Every individual expert in our group generates their own expert opinions/reviews and is also responsible for their work and professional decisions independently of other departments of the Institute, as well as outside the Institute.

The main areas of our work are:

  • Certification of hop propagation material.
  • Official certification of hop yield (hop harvest).
  • Certification of other agricultural propagation material.
  • Official inspections of spraying equipment in agriculture.
  • Official certification of spraying equipment.
  • Registration of Plant Protection Products in Slovenia and the EU.
  • Testing the value of hops for production and use.
  • Checking distinctness, uniformity and stability of plants.
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