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Since its establishment in 1952, the Institute has been responsible for scientific and technological development in Slovenian hop growing. It is the only institution where long-standing knowledge in the field of hop growing is concentrated, both at the scientific and professional level. Direct contact with users and the transfer of scientific knowledge into practice is the basic principle that we aim to maintain. The goal of the Institute’s work in the field of hop growing is the development of the industry – the implementation of changes and improvements in hop growing and processing technology due to changing climatic conditions, increasingly stringent environmental requirements (plant protection, fertilization, preservation of sustainable land use), as well as the specificities of different markets. This enables Slovenian hop growers and traders to maintain a competitive export of their crop and preserve their market share at the global level.

In Slovenia, hop fields cover around 1,700 ha. In the area of Savinja Valley and around towns of Celje, Ptuj, Ormož, Slovenj Gradac and Radlje ob Dravi, hops belong to 120 farms. There are traditional domestic hop varieties such as Aurora, Celeia, Savinjski golding and Bobek that dominate. The range of hops also includes aromatic and flavor varieties of market interest (e.g. Styrian Wolf, Styrian Cardinal,…). More than 98% of hops produced in Slovenia are exported to various European and other markets. The level of the contractual and spot purchase prices of hops depends on demand conditions of the world’s breweries, the varietal offer and the quality of hops.

Welcome to watch a video presentation on You Tube about the process of hop cultivation in Slovenia.

Bar graph: area of hop field and production, curve: alpha-acid production
Statistics of hop area (ha), hop production (t) and alpha-acid production (t) in Slovenia from 2008 to 2022.

The Institute also ensures the appropriate dissemination of the results, which are regularly published in the Hop Growers’ Information, in the journals Hmeljar and Hmeljarski bilten, provides advice over the phone, conducts field visits, prepares online materials, and compiles technological and market information from meetings of the International Hop Growers’ Organization, and organizes an annual seminar on hop growing.

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