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Hop breeding

ORTO_zlahtnjenje hmelja
Ženska rastlina (foto A. Čerenak)

In comparison with other crops, it is typical of hop growing that 99 % of hops are planted with Slovenian varieties that have been bred at the Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing. In the development of new varieties, it is necessary to follow new trends in quality parameters of aromatic and bitter hops, the emergence of new diseases and to climate change.

There are so far 23 Slovenian hop varieties, in addition to autochtonus Savinjski Golding. New varieties are characterized by a different, less hoppy and more fruity – floral aroma, which is very interesting for various types of beer with a distinctive aroma and flavour. There are still 5 breeding lines in the registration procedure. All new varieties are already in production.

In the Committee of Hop Technology and Breeding, hop farmers, hop traders and experts cooperate to achieve common goals, because everyone is aware that only through the participation of users can the results be directly applied.

Because of the need for the development of new methodologies related to hop breeding, professional work is complemented by various research projects.

Hop variety catalogues

  • HUL002 Ahil
  • HUL003 Apolon
  • HUL004 Atlas
  • HUL005 Aurora
  • HUL006 Blisk
  • HUL007 Bobek
  • HUL008 Buket
  • HUL009 Cekin
  • HUL010 Celeia = Styrian Golding
  • HUL011 Cerera
  • HUL012 Cicero
  • HUL021 Dana
  • HUL027 Styrian Eureka
  • HUL029 Styrian gold
  • HUL030 Styrian Eagle
  • HUL034 Styrian Cardinal
  • HUL035 Styrian Wolf
  • HUL036 Styrian Kolibri
  • HUL039 Styrian Fox
  • HUL040 Styrian Dragon
  • HUL042 90A263
  • HUL044 109B27
  • HUL047 31B26

ORTO: žlahtnjenje hmelja: moško socvetje
Moško socvetje (foto: A. Čerenak)
ORTO: žlahtnjenje hmelja: moška rastlina
Moška rastlina (foto: A Čerenak)
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