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Good Experimental Practice – GEP

The Slovenian Institute for Hop Research and Brewing, in accordance with the Rules on gaining a certificate on fulfilling the conditions to carry out good experimental practice (Ur. L. RS, no. 63/06), has obtained a certificate for good experimental plant protection practice (GEP). The certificate was granted to us by the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection.

Biological trials of plant protection products (PPPs) are designed and conducted in accordance with EPPO guidelines. The final report on PPP trials is prepared by using the computer software ARM, which enables the report to be included in the Biological Dossier of the plant protection product.

The institute currently holds a certificate for the purposes of registration and evaluation of phytotoxicity for the following trials of efficacy data: preliminary tests, efficacy tests, monitoring/evaluation of phytotoxicity to host crop, as well as crop yield, evaluation of adverse effects on the quantity and quality of yield and impact on succeeding crops.

All of the above mentioned trials are carried out in the field (by agreement also indoors), for the following products: fungicides (including seed treatment), insecticides, acaricides, herbicides, plant growth regulators. Trials are carried out on a variety of crops: cereals, maize, potatoes, hops, vegetables, orchards and vineyards, and also for non-agricultural areas (eg. use of herbicides on railway lines).

Coordinator of biological trials of PPP: Dr. Magda Rak Cizej

Biological trials and their results are managed in ARM (2017) software.ARM Software


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