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Testing Fertilizers and Biostimulants in Various Crop Production

Within the framework of market trials, we carry out comprehensive studies on the integration of different fertilizers and other related products to improve the production of various crops. Our team conducts these trials for several crops, including hop, pumpkins for oil, rapeseed, corn, wheat, herbs, camelina, linseed, industrial hemp, and others in consultation with our subscribers.

Our approach to these trials is to closely monitor the performance of the different fertilizers and products in crop production. We observe the crop growth, development, and yield to determine the effectiveness of the various inputs. Through these trials, we seek to identify the most effective and efficient production techniques, including optimal soil preparation, fertilization, and other practices. The results of these market trials are published in a variety of formats, including scientific journals, professional publications, and popular articles. We also share our findings on various radio stations, allowing us to reach a wider audience. Our goal is to share our knowledge and insights with the broader agricultural community, providing valuable information that can help farmers and growers improve their crop production practices.

We regularly organize field days and workshops to showcase our research and share our knowledge with interested parties. These events provide an opportunity for farmers, growers, and other stakeholders to learn about our research findings, interact with our experts, and gain a deeper understanding of the best practices in crop production. Through our market trials, we aim to provide a robust knowledge base that can help farmers and growers achieve sustainable and profitable crop production. We are committed to delivering innovative and practical solutions that can help our subscribers achieve their production goals while minimizing their environmental impact.

For further information and / or orders please contact dr. Barbara Čeh (tel.: 03 71 21 612, e-mail:

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