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Poskusno varjeno pivo - etiketaTwo breweries are located at the institute, with capacities of 30 and 130 L per brew, with a common fermentation/maturing section. The basic aim of the  brewery is to determine the brewing value of hop genotypes and to provide technical assistance to breweries.

Determination of the brewing value of hop genotypes is important from the point of view of brewers, as the main users of hops. In the process of determination, we brew beer with different combinations of raw materials and hop genotypes using different technological methods. Subsequent chemical and sensory analysis determines the basic characteristics of the beer produced according to the hop genotype used.

In our brewery we can simulate various technological processes, including the use of various raw materials and ways of their use. We can thus help brewers with preliminary results in the design of new types of beer.

Research work in brewing is primarily related to studies of the dynamics of the transfer of bioactive components from raw materials into the beer, with an emphasis on hops and the possibilities of developing new types of beer without gluten, suitable for individuals with celiac disease.


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