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Introduction of new and foreign hop varieties

ORTO_Introdukcija-sort-hmeljaWork in the field of the introduction of new and foreign hop varieties is focused on determining the optimal production technology for new Slovene and foreign varieties of hop in our growing conditions, that have the most favorable impact on their growth and development and are reflected in high-quality, high and stable yield.

The aim is to provide Slovenian hop growers with the necessary information about new Slovenian varieties and possible foreign varieties for growing in our pedo-climatic conditions. We carry out field trials with a focus on testing their responsiveness under different production technologies and observations of the suitability of foreign hop varieties for cultivation. When transferring foreign varieties to our production, problems may arise due to the susceptibility of hop plants to microclimate, because they can react unexpectedly in different situations than those in which the variety was bred.

Observations of the growth and development of new Slovene varieties (Styrian gold, Styrian Eureka, Styrian Wolf, Styrian Eagle, Styrian Cardinal and other new varieties) are made throughout the growing season. We react to potential deviations – based on analyzes of plant tissue and soil we try to find the causes and, in the next phase, ways to prevent physiopathies. With the obtained data, we upgrade information on the characteristics of hop varieties and their useful value on the variety list.

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