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The Medicinal and Aromatic Plants program at the Institute of Hop Research and Brewing in Žalec, Slovenia was established in 1976 with the goal of creating a pan-Slovenian center for the production, processing, and application of medicinal and aromatic plants. The idea was proposed by a team of esteemed professionals including Professor Dr. Tone Wagner, an agronomist, Professor Dr. Franc Sušnik, a biologist, and Professor Dr. Pavle Bohinc, a pharmacist.

Initially, a garden of medicinal and aromatic plants was established as a collection of 40 traditional, autochthonous medicinal and aromatic plants from Slovenia. Over time, the collection grew through seed and plant exchanges with botanical gardens and similar institutions across Europe and the world. Currently, the garden features approximately 250 different species of medicinal and aromatic plants, covering an area of 0.30 hectares. Within the garden, the growth and development of various species are studied, including the quantity and quality of yield, disease and pest control. The garden adheres to organic guidelines, and its yield is organic seed.

The Institute’s involvement in medicinal and aromatic plants encompasses a range of tasks related to the garden, including scientific research, advisory work, and education. Specifically, our activities within the garden include the sales of organic seeds and seedlings of medicinal and aromatic plants, consulting services for growing these plants, and tours of the garden.

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