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Logotip: Inštitut za hmeljarstvo in pivovarstvo Slovenije

Official certification of hop yield (hop harvest)

The Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing, as an authorized institution for the certification of hop yield carry out the tasks set out in the Regulations on the certification of the harvest of hops and hop products (Official Gazette of RS, no. 108/2022). In the process of certification of hop yield, the Institute certifies the geographical origin of the hops and the quality of hop cones or hop products. Other tasks to be carried out are: recognition of certification centers, record keeping of the certification centers and the harvest record, education and designation of certification, implementation of additional control certification centers and places of hop producers etc.

In the context of professional tasks, evaluation of the harvest is carried out from the collection of representative samples of hops, which include territorial as well as the area representation of individual hop varieties from all areas of the Republic of Slovenia, in which hops are processed. The primary purpose of an evaluation of the harvest is to determine annual representative samples of hop yield by variety and analysis of the moisture content and the composition and quantity of essential oils and alpha-acids. Representative samples, as well as the results of analyzes performed in the context of the task, allow the monitoring of the impact of environmental factors on the quality of the crop in specific years and adaptation of technological measures that influence quality.



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