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In the field of environment, we conduct research and professional tasks related to agricultural ecology, sustainable use of natural resources, and environmental protection. Our main activities are primarily focused on providing efficient support for agricultural production and environmental protection, as well as responsible and sustainable management of agricultural areas and ecosystems.

We place the greatest emphasis on preserving and improving soil fertility (including hop fields as well as other agricultural areas), the proper and professionally acceptable use of pesticides in agriculture, controlling pests, diseases, and weeds in accordance with the latest EU guidelines, improving and adapting agro-technical measures in the process of agricultural production, further improving (preserving) soil quality, targeted irrigation based on actual needs, and more rational and efficient fertilization of agricultural crops.

Due to the obviously very variable climate and soil conditions in the world, as well as in Slovenia, we have recently placed great emphasis on selecting agricultural crops that will continue to provide stable and high-quality yields in the future, regardless of obvious changing climate and soil conditions, and thus economically justified agricultural production.

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