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Experiments with Herbs

Poskusi v vrtu zdravilnih in aromatčnih rastlin

Preučevanje uporabe zeolita (vmešavanje v substrat) pri pridelavi sadik rožmarina na oblikovanje dobre koreninske grude

In the field of herbs we are also carried out experiments of production technology in the context of the various projects and as a commercial activity (in agreement with the subscribers of the economy). We are dealing, for example, by placing different products on the cultivation of herbs and determination of agro-technical measures for the cultivation of herbs in terms of providing a stable yield and quality of drugs (fertilizing, spraying, growth stimulators, other agro-technical measures). Experiments implementated in the left part of the Medicinal and aromatic plant garden.

For more information please contact: dr. Barbara Čeh: 03 71 21 612 or mag. Nataša Ferant: 03 71 21 635.

Preučevanje vključevanja pripravka Mineral v pridelavo melise; kot vmesni posevek facelija




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