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Phytosanitary inspections

Based on public authority and a concession contract from MAFF, UVHVVR, the Institute conducts specific survey programs for the following organisms:

  • quarantine harmful organisms based on list I.A.I in I.AII
  • Council Directive 2000/29/EC
  • harmful organisms, for which provisional measures based on EU Commission Implementing Decisions are implemented
  • harmful organisms, which may, by their introduction from third countries, cause economic and environmental consequences in the EU.
  • harmful organisms that pose an immediate danger to human health
  • harmful organisms under national regulations

We are the coordinators of special surveys for the entire territory of Slovenia for the following organisms (documents following links are in the Slovene language):

In order to identify the presence of new and quarantine harmful organisms for the territory of the EU or to determine the distribution of particularly harmful quarantine organisms in Slovenia, an annual program of detection surveys for every harmful organism is prepared.

On the basis of the Rules on protected zones and on the implementation of official systemic surveys in areas under special supervision (Ur. L. RS, nr. 91/03, 82/05, 85/10 and 94/13) the coordinator of the special survey is responsible for coordinating the program implementation and for coordination among all contractors. If necessary he informs UVHVVR about unusual occurrences and particularities during the year.

The coordinator draw ups a summary annual report by 30 November of the current year and submits it in written and electronic form to UVHVVR. Other investigators of the program carry out field inspections, take samples and enter data into the information system UVH-APL.

Based on the Decision on granting public authority to IHPS (16.3.2007), the Institute is responsible for carrying out the procedure for official registration of hop nurseries (certified nursery hop fields-CMH, standard nursery, hop fields-SMH) and hop seedlings(certified hop seedlings B certificate – CSB and standard hop seedlings-St.) in accordance with regulations and officially accepted methods. Read more on this link.

Based on the Decision on granting public authority to IHPS granted from MAFF, the Institute also performs official certification of seeds of field crops (cereals, potato, fodder plants, oil plants,and fiber plants). Read more on this link.

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