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Regioning of herbs in Slovenia

The Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing is responsible for the expert task of regioning herbs in Slovenia, which aims to provide relevant information to growers for the production of specific herbs in certain areas of the country. Due to the wide variety of weather conditions and soil types in Slovenia, the production of different herbs is possible, making it an interesting agricultural activity for primary or secondary farming activities.

However, the current production of herbs requires a significant amount of manual labor, making it more suitable for cultivation in smaller areas. Given the diverse habitats in Slovenia, it is necessary to examine the production of marketable herbs at several different locations to provide consultants with information on where cultivation is possible and advisable, and in what manner.

The cultivation of herbs in different locations is primarily tested for those herbs that are of interest to on-farm processors of herbs, food, and pharmaceutical industries. The demand for a variety of herbs may vary over time. In the context of technical tasks, we study plant growth and development, susceptibility to diseases and pests, crop yield, and quality in accordance with the European Pharmacopoeia.





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