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Analyses of hops and beer

kombinirani-30IHPS is accredited by Slovenska akreditacija with the number LP – 025 for testing fields agricultural products (hops) and foodstuffs (beer) according to standard SIST ISO EN/IEC 17025. We are members of analytical commission of the European Brewery Convention and so in addition to the implementation of the test methods in the field of hops and brewing are involved in the evaluation and development of new analytical methods.

In the field of hops and hop products we perform almost all testing methods collected in the collection Analytica-EBC and in addition determination of impurities and waste in hops required for certification under the frame of hop harvest certification. We are qualified to determine varietal purity of hop products.

In the field of brewing we perform all analyzes according to the Regulations on the quality of the beer. Apart from these, we also carry out most of the remaining analyzes collected in Analytica-EBC and MEBAK for the whole area. In addition to the hops we are also trained for the analysis of malt and unmalted cereals and all technological intermediates wort, green beer, and the final product beer, which are necessary for the evaluation of the technological process and the final product.

For additional information regarding the analytics of hops and hop products and brewing, we are available by phone +386 3 71 21 608, +386 3 71 21 630 and +386 71 21 631 or by e-mail:, ali


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