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Eko Seeds and Seedlings Selling

VZAR_semeEKO certifikat za pridelavo zdravilnih rastlinAt the Institute we grow and sell seeds and seedlings of herbs. Seedlings are sold to amateur growers, as well as for the farmers. Since 2006 our seeds and seedlings of herbs have also eco-certificate. Seeds, which were grown in Medicinal and aromatic plant Garden, also used for sale, as well as for growing seedlings.

eko-znak-350x200Each year we offer our customers 70 to 80 different species of seeds and seedlings of herbs, which you can buy from us. Offer seeds for the current year is displayed in the Index Seminumu for the current year. Offer our seeds and seedlings is also available in the database of organic seed and seed potatoes and vegetative propagating material available on the website of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food .

For more informations please contact: Nataša Ferant: 03 71 21 633; e-mail:

Čiščenje semena poteka s pomočjo različnih sit in tresalnika






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