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Miha Ocvirk

Title, name and surname
Dr. Miha Ocvirk
Full title
Doctor of food science
Department (abbreviation)
03 71 21 610
Field of work:

Agrochemistry and brewing. Risk assesment of plant protection products.

Work experience:

2012 – 2014: SIP d.d., development engineer of surface treatment

Short biography:

After finishing primary school in Prebold, Miha Ocvirk graduated at 1st Gymnasium in Celje, and continued his study at the Faculty of Chemistry and Chemical Technology at the University of Maribor. In 2012, he graduated and got a job at SIP strojna industrija d.d. as a development engineer. In 2014, he was employed as a young researcher at the Institute of Hops and Brewing in Slovenia. In 2018, he received his doctorate degree at the University of Ljubljana.

Selected articles (max 5):
  • OCVIRK, Miha, KOŠIR, Iztok Jože. Pomen linalola v pivovarstvu = Importance of linalool in brewing. Hmeljarski bilten, ISSN 0350-0756, 2014, 21, str. 68-73, ilustr. [COBISS.SI-ID 660364]
  • OCVIRK, Miha, KOŠIR, Iztok Jože. Determination of botanical origin of hops using GC and HPLC data in combination with chemometric methods. V: 22nd Young Investigatorsʼ Seminar on Analytical Chemistry, Lodz, June 30th – July 4th, 2015. BRYCHT, Mariola (ur.). Book of abstracts. [S. l.: s. n.], 2015, str. 62. [COBISS.SI-ID 709260]
  • OCVIRK Miha, KOŠIR Iztok Jože, GRDADOLNIK Jože. Determination of the botanical origin of hops (Humulus lupulus L.) using different analytical techniques in combination with statistic methods, Journal of the institute of brewing, 2016 vol. 123 – v tisku
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