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Barbara Čeh

Title, name and surname
Dr. Barbara Čeh
Full title
Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Research Adviser
Department (abbreviation)
Researcher in the field of field crop production
03 71 21 612
Field of work:

Field crop production technology

Work experience:

2006 – Today: Researcher at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing; Head of the field Plant Nutrition and Physiology; Editor-in-Chief and Peer Reviewer of the periodical scientific publication Hop Bulletin and proceedings of symposium New challenges in agronomy since 2010; Editor-in-Chief of the professional/popular journal Hmeljar; member of the Editorial Board of Journal of environmental and agricultural sciences.

2006 – 2008: Supplementary Employment as an Assistant Professor of Field Crop Production at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, overseeing instructional sessions for students.

2003 – 2005: Researcher at the Department of Agronomy and Sustainable Agriculture, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, specializing in the management of field crop production systems, agro-technology, fertilization, nitrogen use efficiency, and the assessment of the impact of agricultural practices.

1997 – 2003: Teaching Assistant in the field of Field Crop Production at the Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana, responsible for conducting instructional sessions for students enrolled in agronomy courses.

1997 – 2003: PhD Student and Young Researcher Awardee conducting research at the Department of Agronomy and Sustainable Agriculture, Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana.

1991 – 1996: University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, undergraduate study in agronomy

1987 – 1991: Gymnasium Celje – Center

1979 – 1987: Primary school at Petrovče

Short biography

Barbara Čeh, PhD, did her graduation thesis in the field of agronomy at the Biotechnical Faculty of the University in Ljubljana (BF), Agronomy Department in 1996 and became a doctor of science in 2003 at the same faculty. During postgraduate studies and since then she has been working in research and development in the field of field crop production; first at the BF, then at the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing (IHPS). Currently she is working as the Head of Field Nutrition and Plant Physiology at IHPS. From 1997 to 2008, she was involved in pedagogic work; first as assistant and then as an assistant professor at BF, in the field of field crop production. Since 2011, she has been the representative from Slovenia in the Fertilizers Europe working group in Brussels. Her main research interests are: nitrogen, plant nutrition, fertilization, agrotechnology, field crops production, hop, oil crops, herbs and circular economy.

She was the project manager of the EU project:

  • LIFE BioTHOP – BioTwine HOP waste transformation into novel product assortments for Packaging and Horticulture Sector, with a partnership of 7 partners from 5 EU states (2019-2022).

She was/is the leader – responsible for project managing of the target research projects:

  • V4-0383 Production of oil crops and manufacturing biodiesel and biolubricants for the needs of the Slovenian market,
  • V4-0483 Strategy of adapting to climate change in hop and maize production on light texture soil,
  • V4-1138 Introduction of alternative crops with a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in crop rotation, functional use of seeds, oil and secondary products in Slovenia,
  • V4-1611 Cultivation of industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa) in Slovenia,
  • V4-2207 Possibilities for the development of herbalism in Slovenia.

Additionally, she led also some small projects, such as:

  • Pilot project  The competitiveness of small-scale farming,
  • ZELIŠČA SSD The Garden of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants at IHPS as a modern connecting center of Lower Savinja valley in the field of herbs.

She has delivered presentations to both Slovene and international stakeholders across a range of forums including meetings, conferences, and symposiums, focusing on the topic of field crop production. Additionally, she possesses a license enabling her to verify and certify individuals in the areas of National Vocational Qualification Agriculturists and National Vocational Qualification Hop Growers.

Pedagogical positions

1998 – 2000: assistant for agronomy (Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana BF)

2001 – 2004: assistant for field crops production (BF)

2005 – 2010: assistant professor (BF)


2001 – Today: member of the executive board of the Slovenian Society of Agronomy

2010 – Today: member of the program committee for biennial symposium New Challenges in Agronomy

2001 – 2008:  member of the international group IOSDV

2005 – 2005: member of the international group in the field of fertilization, plant nutrition and environment (KT MOEL)

2008 – Today: member of the International Fertilizer Society

2006 – Today: member of the program group P4-0121 Biochemical and bio-physico-chemical characterization of natural substances

2011 – Today: member of the working group at the Fertilizers Europe in Brussels

Selected articles (max 5)
  • ČEH, Barbara, ŠTRAUS, Saša, HLADNIK, Aleš, KUŠAR, Anita. Impact of linseed variety, location and production year on seed yield, oil content and its composition. Agronomy. 2020, vol. 10, iss. 11, str. 13. ISSN 2073-4395., DOI: 10.3390/agronomy10111770.
  • ČEH, Barbara, LUSKAR, Lucija, HLADNIK, Aleš, TROŠT, Žan, POLANŠEK, Julija, NAGLIČ, Boštjan. The quantity and composition of leachate from hop plant biomass during composting process. Applied sciences. Feb. 2022, vol. 12, iss. 5, art. 2375, str. 1-16, ilustr. ISSN 2076-3417., DOI: 10.3390/app12052375.
  • LUSKAR, Lucija, POLANŠEK, Julija, HLADNIK, Aleš, ČEH, Barbara. On-farm composting of hop plant green waste – chemical and biological value of compost. Applied sciences. 2022, vol. 12, iss. 9, art. 4190, str. 1-15, ilustr. ISSN 2076-3417., DOI: 10.3390/app12094190.
  • VIDMAR, Mateja, ABRAM, Veronika, ČEH, Barbara, DEMŠAR, Lea, POKLAR ULRIH, Nataša. White hop shoot production in Slovenia : total phenolics, microelements and pesticides content from five commercial cultivars. Food technology and biotechnology : journal of the Faculty of Food Technology and Biotechnology University of Zagreb. 2019, vol. 57, no. 4, str. 525-534. ISSN 1330-9862. DOI: 10.17113/ftb.
  • ABRAMOVIČ, Helena, ABRAM, Veronika, ČUK, Anja, ČEH, Barbara, SMOLE MOŽINA, Sonja, VIDMAR, Mateja, PAVLOVIČ, Martin, POKLAR ULRIH, Nataša. Antioxidative and antibacterial properties of organically grown thyme (Thymus sp.) and basil (Ocimum basilicum L.). Turkish journal of agriculture and forestry. [Tiskana izdaja]. 2018, vol. 42, iss. 3, str. 185-194. ISSN 1300-011X. DOI: 10.3906/tar-1711-82.
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