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Hop variety catalogues

Styrian wave of flavour hops
Styrian wave of flavour hops

Slovenian hop varieties that have been bred at the Institute are presented in two variety catalogues. Traditional, aroma and bitter varieties are presented in a catalogue entitled The legend of noble aroma, while varieties with distinct aromas (flavour type) are included in a catalogue Styrian wave of flavour hops. With a clear analytical and photographic presentation and with attractive design, they are a good support for the promotion of Slovenian hop varieties. The catalogues are designed as a folder with inserted sheets. Each variety is presented on an individual sheet.

Each variety is presented with information about its pedigree, the time of technological maturity, storage stability, morphological data and photos of the plant, data about disease resistance (hop downy mildew, hop powdery mildew, verticillium wilt). A genetic dendrogram is added with relations between new varieties according to established domestic and foreign produced varieties.

List the new catalogue Styrian wave of flavour hops:


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