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Hop Bulletin

The Hmeljarski bilten/Hop Bulletin is a scientific/professional journal that is domestically published by the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing (IHPS) since 1994. This journal features articles written by both Slovenian and foreign authors in the fields of agronomy, food science, ecology, and rural development. However, the primary focus of the majority of contributions is on hops and brewing.

The papers published in the journal include bilingual (Slovenian and English) abstracts, titles, keywords, and titles of tables and figures. The content of contributions can be in either Slovenian or English.

This journal is included in the relevant international databases such as EBSCO Publishing (USA) and CABI Publishing (UK). It is also available in full on the website of IHPS, and printed copies are distributed to relevant libraries throughout Slovenia. Therefore, the journal is accessible to all interested parties.

The full contact information of authors is published in the journal, allowing for direct contact among researchers, experts, students, and others interested in more information and dialogue, thus facilitating multidisciplinary connections. The journal also demonstrates the participation of experts and researchers from various fields in the co-authorship of contributions.

Contributions should be submitted to the editor, Dr. Barbara Čeh (, by 25th October. Each paper is subjected to double or triple review, if necessary. Reviewers are selected from the members of the Editorial Board, and if the topic covers a more specific area, the paper may be sent to an external expert for review.


Editorial board: dr. Barbara Čeh (IHPS), izr. prof. dr. Andreja Čerenak (IHPS), prof. dr. Anton Ivančič (Fakulteta za kmetijstvo in biosistemske vede  Univerze v Mariboru / Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences University of Maribor – FKBV UM), izr. prof. dr. Jernej Jakše (Biotehniška fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani / University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty – BF UL), prof. dr. Branka Javornik (BF UL), dr. Josef Ježek (Hop Research Institute, Žatec, Czech Republic), doc. dr. Iztok Jože Košir (IHPS), dr. Boštjan Naglič (IHPS), prof. dr. Martin Pavlovič (IHPS in FKBV UM), dr. Sebastjan Radišek (IHPS), dr. Magda Rak Cizej (IHPS), dr. Elisabeth Seigner (Bayerische Landesanstalt fur Landwirtschaft / Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture, Freising, Germany), dr. Siniša Srečec (Visoko gospodarsko učilište u Križevcima, Hrvaška / College of Agriculture at Križevci, Croatia), prof. dr. Anton Tajnšek (redni profesor v pokoju / retired professor), prof. dr. Dominik Vodnik (BF UL)

The journal is published once a year, in December.

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